Images of Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, and Course 4.

Golf La Moraleja, S.A. was created in 1973 and set up under the chairmanship of Eladio Perez Díez, with the aim of creating golf facilities for the enjoyment of its 6,000 shareholders.

In 1974 the company purchased the land now occupied by the complex comprising the Clubhouse and Course 1, including the Children's Chalet and the maintenance area.

The golf course was developed during 1974 and 1975 under the direction and design produced by Jack Nicklaus and was officially opened in June 1976 with a golf competition in which Valentín Barrios, Sam Snead, Tom Weiskopf and Jack Nicklaus himself took part.

From left to right: Seve Ballesteros and César de Zulueta, during the 1986 Spanish Open Pro-Am. Davis Love III and Fred Couples, winners of the World Cup held to celebrate the inauguration of Course 2 in 1992. Howard Clark, winner of the 1986 Spanish Open.

In 1976, the chair was taken by César de Zulueta y Alonso de Villapadierna, who was to play a leading role in the development of the facilities until his retirement in 1996.

In 1985 a serious fire affected the entire upper floor of the Course 1 Clubhouse. This unfortunate incident, nevertheless, allowed for the remodelling of the building in a far brighter and modern style.

In 1989 grounds were purchased where now all the Course 2 facilities are located. The second course was officially opened in 1990. The design of this second golf course was assigned to the Nicklaus Designs company, under the direction of Ron Kirby. The offices and administrative organs are located on the Course 1 premises.

In 1996 Epifanio Ridruejo was appointed as chairman, remaining in the post until, sadly, he died in 2000.

During the first years of his office, the nominal value of all the shares was equalled and the Internal Rules of Procedure were approved.
In January 2001 the Board of Directors chose as their new chairman Enrique Quintanar Romero, who had been vice-chairman during the preceding period of office.

In 2003 negotiations were initiated for the sale of a 33-hectare plot of land, where at the time the Course 2 tennis courts were situated and which, three years earlier, had been reassessed by the Madrid City Council. The process, implemented by means of a closed tender, allowed Golf La Moraleja to obtain revenue which the Members Meeting decided was to be used to finance the development of new sports facilities, principally golf courses, in addition to improvements on the existing courses.

The project materialized by way of the construction of two new golf courses, on an estate located in the municipality of Algete (Madrid): Course 3, a Jack Nicklaus signature course, and Course 4, carried out by Jack Nicklaus Design. The new golf courses were opened for play towards the end of 2012 and were officially launched in April, 2013.

In 2006 the Board of Directors unanimously appointed as their new chairman Fernando Lillo Cebrián.

In 2007, following the Club's first electoral procedure, Gumersindo Santamaría, whose candidature received the majority of votes, was appointed to chair the Board of Directors.

Ricardo Pradas assumed chairmanship of the Board of Directors in 2009 when, for personal reasons, Gumersindo Santamaría presented his resignation. Pradas headed the winning candidature in the elections held at the club in 2012. At the beginning of February 2014 he resigned, likewise, for personal reasons. He was succeeded in the post by his vice-chairman, Juan Rizo Escosa.

After a new electoral process, Juan Pablo Ridruejo was designed as chairman of the Board of Directors, in November 2014.

On 21st September 2011 the Royal Spanish Golf Federation agreed to award Golf La Moraleja the Plaque for Merit in Golf, "in recognition and gratitude with regard to the intense collaboration that the Club has rendered to the Royal Spanish Golf Federation since its inauguration in 1976, actively encouraging the game of golf at its facilities where, amongst its followers there are many outstanding players, in addition to being the venue for great sports events at international level".

In 2014, just one year after ists opening, Golf Digest Magazine recognized Golf La Moraleja 3 as the second best golf course in Spain.


The venue for important events

A lo largo de su historia, Golf La Moraleja ha sido sede de eventos deportivos tan importantes como:

The Johnnie Walker Classic, 1981 - 1984
The Open de España de Golf in 1986
The Open de España de Golf in 1997
The Pro-Am Oki del Circuito Europeo in 1996
The Copa del Mundo de Golf in 1992
The Abierto de Madrid de Golf in 2006

The Campeonato del Mundo de Pádel in 1992
The Campeonato de España de Pádel in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 y 2001


Seve Ballesteros and Jack Nicklaus at Golf La Moraleja, in 1982. In 1992 the World Paddle Tennis Championship was held at the Club.

In 1985 the clubhouse suffered a devastaing fire. In 1984 Peter Jacobsen won the Johnnie Walker Classic.


In 1996, on the occasion of the Club's twentieth anniversary, the Oki Pro-Am event was held. The winner that year was Tom Kite. Golf La Moraleja also hosted this tournament in 1997.


The Spanish Open has been played at Golf La Moraleja twice: in 1986 (see the photo on the left showing José María Olazábal) and in 1997. On the right, a picture of the 1997 Open, in which Greg Norman took part.